Tips to Mount Your Poster

How to Uncurl Your Poster

Material: Two books or light objects to hold down the poster - Cost $0

You've carefully chosen picked out a customized poster and waited a week or two for it to arrive. The package has arrived and you want to open it, but you are worried about crushing it. Here's how to open it up.

1. Unpack it

2. Gently lay it on a dry, clean surface

3. "Break down" the packing box and place it flat on top of the poster with two books as weights.

4. Wait for 12-24 hours and now you have a flat poster ready to put up.

Mounting Your Poster

Option 1: Double sided tape


  • double sided "mounting tape" that is washable - Cost $3 - $10
  • Optional: Level, painters tape or pencil for marking a straight line.

1. Decide on a wall that doesn't have too much texture

2. Mark a level line to guide you to put the poster straight

  • If you have a level at home, time to dig it out. You can hold it to the wall and make sure it is level
  • You can mark with a piece of washable tape, painters tape works great, but scotch tape. You can also draw a light line with pencil.
  • Double check from a distance make sure your mark looks straight and is at a good height.

Simply place the tape along the mark and then put the poster on top.

Then cut a few pieces to secure the bottom edges.

Option 2: Framing

For an elegant look, get a modern frame. Wood or plastic are options depending on your taste.


  • Buy a frame with an opening that matches your poster size (popular places are Amazon, Walmart, or Ikea). 
  • Hammer and mounting hardware or nail. Specialized mounting hardware will better secure to your drywall.
  • Pencil
  • Optional: power drill.

1. Put your poster in the frame. Follow any special directions included with your frame. Make sure it's straight when viewed through the opening.

2. Select your wall location and place your frame where you would like to hang it. Put a small pencil mark along the top center of the frame. 

3. From your mark, your mounting hardware will be placed an inch or two below depending on the frame. Make another light pencil mark

4. Hammer a nail or mounting hardware best to use a power drill to make a pilot hole for this). 

5 Hang your frame on your mounting hardware and enjoy!



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