Meet the Artist Couple Michael and Sarah Holmes

Welcome! We are a husband and wife team and do all the art for Bravo Buddy. 

Our Story

After having our first child in 2018, we wanted to build a business that serves children and parents. It took almost two years of tinkering to find the direction that used our talents. Mike is an graphic designer who started to do illustration, web development, and marketing when he started a T-shirt company, Wear Viral in 2013. Sarah has a teaching background and has been drawing since she was a child. Wanted to work together, we have developed an illustration process could bring joy others.

Our Mission

Bravo Buddy is about bringing families together. 

We want provide ways for family members to personalize gifts and be part of the creative process and give something one of a kind to truly show your love.

Thank you for supporting small business.

- Mike and Sarah

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